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I am a fun loving guy who enjoys his job and is driven to succeed. I currently manage a couple of blogs, one for electrical-deals and another personal one documenting my advice, tips, tricks and pitfalls of web design and e-commerce.

To know where you’re going, you have to know where you have been..

It is amazing to think this is where is all started.  On the second of February 2011 I started a free blog on WordPress and this was it…Dave’s Days.  Nearly 2 whole years ago. I was just about to delete it and … Continue reading

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Dave’s Days is Moving House – Join Me

I’m Moving House and Your All Invited This is the last post on this address, as Dave’s Days is going to be no longer used.  I will keep all of the articles here for now but anything new (and there … Continue reading

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Update from Dave (away from the office/Internet

I’m currently in a remote part of a Greek island with limited access to Internet which is why it has been quiet recently. Next week however there will be a migration from where the blog is currently to a new … Continue reading

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eBay or Amazon, Can You Use Both…YES YOU CAN

Most frequently asked questions If not then definitely one of the most frequent questions I get asked is “Which should I use, eBay or Amazon?” My answer is very often the same, “Why Dont You Use both?” As far as … Continue reading

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Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Trying Something New

Doing something different or ‘risky’ is perhaps one of the most difficult things for someone to do.  It is however what separates many successful people from those who want to take the ‘safe’ route.  I have wrote a post before … Continue reading

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Wordpress and Godaddy Don’t Mix

From the title you can probably guess where this post is going, however I want to make a few things clear at the beginning. Bear in mind this is My Blog and is only an account of my personal experiences.  … Continue reading

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How to embed a spreadsheet into your Blog

Quick Unrelated Introduction This blog came about as a good friend of mine is wanting to start a Blog.  Now I know what he has to write about will be really beneficial to a lot of people and has a … Continue reading

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