The term portfolio here is used very loosely, I just couldn’t think of a better word for saying, look at what I have done.  Anyway I will keep this updated with anything new that I get involved with.  Bearing in mind this is not my full-time job and I am juggling quite a few potential projects which I wont bore you with here, just trying to justify why it may not be updated as frequently as you may expect.  But if you have any questions please contact me through the blog 🙂

My First Website – The Really Comfy Cushion Company

This was the first website I ever built and the person who I designed it for had a free rein on how he wanted it to look and he was happy with the functionality and design.  A few

replacement cushions cane furniture

Replacement Cushions For Cane Furniture http://www.comfy-cushions.co.uk

years on and we are currently talking and meeting regarding a new web design along with a new strategy and listing style for their eBay listings.  These will be updated once completed.


Hollinwood Welding

As the name suggests they are a welding and steel manufacturing company based in Manchester.  They already had a company website but felt it was dated and no longer

Hollinwood Welding

Experts in Structural Steel Design, Build and Repair - http://www.hollinwoodwelding.co.uk

represented the scale of operation they could offer.  They contacted me early in the year regarding a few tweaks and changes to their website, and together we have come up with a new layout and design.  Due to reasons beyond anyones control the website has had to take a backseat from the company’s point of view for a small period of time.  In respect to this parts of the website are unfinished but will be completed at the earliest opportunity.


Electrical-Deals Behind The Scenes Blog

After meeting with the Directors and Managers of a company called Electrotec who are a multi-channel e-commerce business we decided to set up a blog for the company.  I


The electrical-deals blog for the latest technology news - http://electrical-deals.net

designed and manage this blog for the company and also write blog posts and pages for the site.  As most of my time is spent managing and running the e-commerce side of the business I am trying to encourage other members of staff to write posts, article product reviews for the blog which will hopefully become more of a regular occurrence over time.


French Website for Property Management Company

This is an interesting project which as of yet is still heavily under construction and is not yet live.  I met an entrepreneurial man when I was in France last summer and he explained to me then his business idea of managing and maintaining holiday homes or second

Property Management Website English

The Finalised Mock Up Of The Homepage In English

properties for people and effectively trying to let them out to people on the behalf of the home owners.  When he found out what I did he asked if we could work together.   Since then we came up with the concept of a multi-language site with lots of features however due to how busy he has been and his lack of staff (Himself and one other business partner) he has been struggling to devote much time to the website.  We stay in contact regularly and we do what we can when he has the time.  Hopefully within the next coming months his website will go live.

So there you have it, a brief glimpse into the work I do primarily regarding website design and management, as well as being a Blogger.  Soon I will try to include more details of work on eBay listings and other sales channels etc.

If by reading anything on this site you feel I may be able to help you in any way or whether it just be for advice then please get in touch and il be happy to get back to you.



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