To know where you’re going, you have to know where you have been..

It is amazing to think this is where is all started.  On the second of February 2011 I started a free blog on WordPress and this was it…Dave’s Days.  Nearly 2 whole years ago.

I was just about to delete it and could quite bring myself to do it.  Maybe out of vanity that people will follow the links if they ever stumble across this and register to my new site at but mainly because this is part of my history now.  This is where it all began.  So for a little longer Dave’s Days will remain here.

If you do happen to find my new site please subscribe there and let me know that you found it through Dave’sDays.  That would make me happy.

I started writing here about 2 years ago whilst working for an e-commerce consumer electronics company and now I am a self-employed e-commerce consultant.  I am happy helping others find their way online and for me that is brilliant.  I know it is still early days but looking at this has made me realise how far I have come in a relatively short time.

If you are reading this and you are starting out in your career, work hard and chase what makes you happy.  Never give up and make things happen, don’t wait for things to happen.  Most importantly realise that everyone is your teacher.

I hope to meet you one day


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Dave’s Days is Moving House – Join Me

I’m Moving House and Your All Invited

This is the last post on this address, as Dave’s Days is going to be no longer used.  I will keep all of the articles here for now but anything new (and there is a lot in the draft pile) will be put on my brand new shiny website.  So please join me over at where the blog has been moved to.  I have migrated this site fully thanks to Rob Cubbon and his easy to follow How To Guide here on how to do this.  Thanks again Rob.

follow me to the new site

Why Move the Blog?

For those who don’t know the difference, the Dave’s Days blog was hosted as a site.  and the new is a self hosted site.  This allows me much more freedom as to what I can do with the site as well as how it looks etc, and to be taken seriously this seemed the next step of progression for me blogging wise.

The new site will be exactly the same content wise, with a focus on e-commerce as well as some motivation, and personal posts, and the occasional rant.  This is why I opted for the simple name as that is what the content is, things that are my thoughts, my opinions and my experiences and expertise.  It seemed appropriate to me.

So please re-subscribe, re-follow or add me to your bookmarks at  If you choose not to then no hard feelings and thanks for reading so far.

If you do then I look forward to interacting with you soon.

All the best

GA, GE and GN (Farewell Dave’s Days)


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Update from Dave (away from the office/Internet

I’m currently in a remote part of a Greek island with limited access to Internet which is why it has been quiet recently.

Next week however there will be a migration from where the blog is currently to a new web address so more on that next week 🙂 bringing all sorts of new opportunities with it.

I have only realised now when I don’t have unlimited access to the Internet how much it has impacted my life. It’s kind of weird really.

I’m writing this in a bar with the wordpress app so have no idea what it will look like.

Anyway I will speak to you soon

GA, GE and GN


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eBay or Amazon, Can You Use Both…YES YOU CAN

Most frequently asked questions

If not then definitely one of the most frequent questions I get asked is

“Which should I use, eBay or Amazon?”

My answer is very often the same,

“Why Dont You Use both?”

As far as I see it, the two largest online sales channels are Amazon and eBay, the last time I checked Amazon had the edge in market share but never the less why would you choose to ignore such a large chunk of the online audience? Continue reading

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Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Trying Something New

Doing something different or ‘risky’ is perhaps one of the most difficult things for someone to do.  It is however what separates many successful people from those who want to take the ‘safe’ route.  I have wrote a post before dedicated to Risktaking which you can read here

Successful people risk taking - Richard Branson

After knowing a few people who had embraced this almost ‘always say yes’ attitude and daring to push the Continue reading

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Wordpress and Godaddy Don’t Mix

From the title you can probably guess where this post is going, however I want to make a few things clear at the beginning.

  1. Bear in mind this is My Blog and is only an account of my personal experiences.  They are by no means absolute fact as I may have been an anomaly in the case, however what I write is exactly what my experiences have been.
  2. I have no affiliation to any hosting company and am not paid or influenced to write this in a certain light for any company for any personal gain, once more I iterate this is purely my opinion and experience.
  3. As you will be able to tell as you read the article I hold no bad feeling to any company regarding my experiences and will portray them with both strengths and weaknesses, I do not aim to damage any reputation of any company here.

godaddy logoFor a personal project of mine I needed a web host, me and a friend both decided that GoDaddy would be the way to go, as we had heard good things, the pricing was good etc etc.  For the first landing page I uploaded to the FTP all was great, everything loaded quickly the interface was easy to use and any issues I raised with support were answered quickly and efficiently.

One day whilst battling with Dreamweaver…and losing badly I got chatting to a good friend of mine Matt Ogborne, and he suggested using WordPress to design the site, as I had with this blog and as he put it ‘stop trying to re-invent the wheel’…So I did.

Then came the awkward moment of uploading the new site to the GoDaddy server.  For a reason unknown to me, Godaddy, WordPress, Stephen Hawking and every other conceivable organism, the page load times were painfully slow.  I mean, after running page speed tests i was having a first byte download time of 14+ seconds…in web speak, that’s approaching half a millennium.  I do have a screenshot of this somewhere, I can’t find it currently but it’s nearly 01:00 am and I’m probably man looking.

wordpress logoNow i know what you’re going to say.  It’s going to be stuff like, “did you have the latest version of WordPress installed” Yes I did.  “Did you try to download some plugins to improve performance” I did some and tried others but as the response time was so slow most plugins would fail to download and just crash the WordPress admin page.  “Did you try contacting GoDaddy support about this” I did and they were very good and very keen to try to help but everything they had suggested I had already tried and then they insisted it must have been a WordPress issue.

After many days of trying to get this sorted I felt the only real option for me was to move web hosts.  After researching on the internet I found that I wasnt the only one who had had trouble with WordPress and GoDaddy running slowly together and now I knew I would be running a WordPress site I knew that I needed a host that could specialise in that.  After questioning many web friends for recommendations it was once again Matt Ogborne to the rescue who pointed me in the direction of EvoHosting.  This was the best move I made.

evo hosting logoThe support and installation guys were incredibly knowledgable and quick to get me up and running, and I am happy to say I have now gone from a site with a first byte time of 14+ seconds to a total page load time of under 3 seconds, still with room for improvement.

It is now that I would like to make clear, I am still a GoDaddy customer, I have no bad will against them and already have plans for the hosting package I still have with them.  The service I had with these guys before I tried to move to WordPress was faultless and for anyone with a site builder loading straight into GoDaddy’s FTP I would personally recommend, and this is how I will be using my Hosting with GoDaddy.

If however it is a WordPress site you have in mind I would advise to not use GoDaddy until they have worked out the kinks which seem to make it unbearable slow.  There are plenty of other hosts out there who handle WordPress with no problem, and I personally give the Dave’sDays seal of approval to EvoHosting.  Potentially with a view to convert this blog from a .com to a .org, so watch this space in the not to distant future.

Lots of exciting things going on at the minute which I can’t quite divulge with you yet but as soon as I can You’ll be the first to know.  If you have any questions about my hosting experiences or want to know more get in touch, im always happy to talk.

GA, GE and GN


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How to embed a spreadsheet into your Blog

Quick Unrelated Introduction

This blog came about as a good friend of mine is wanting to start a Blog.  Now I know what he has to write about will be really beneficial to a lot of people and has a lot of potential to be really popular.  He asked my advice on how to start off his WordPress blog and I was going to do a Blog covering that.  Then I had a reality check and realised not only are there plenty of bloggers out there who know much more than me about WordPress but WordPress’ own tutorial is pretty idiot proof, so if it ain’t broke why fix it.

wordpress-logoHere is a link to the WordPress tutorial for starting your blog.  Although the easiest way is to just sign up and it will guide you through it step by step, honestly it’s easy 😀

How to embed a spreadsheet into your blog

So anyway, back on topic, my friend has this really cool spreadsheet he has created (I will link to it in a later post when the blog is up and running) and he wanted to share this on his Blog.

excel logoIf you are using an excel spreadsheet then this is by far the best way that I have seen…feel free to correct me in the comments below.  Again have some brilliant articles here…this one explains exactly how to import an excel spreadsheet into your blog, check it out.

If you have a Google Doc you want to share instead then WordPress have this covered too.  just click the link here for a list of how too’s regarding all types of google docs and how to embed them.

google-docs logoWell that’s it for now, a short blog post for a mate of mine starting up his own blog.  Probably not relevant to a lot of readers, but at least some people find this useful.

GA, GE and GN


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