About Dave

There have been a few instances recently which have led me to think that thinking outside of the box and being a ‘do-er’ rather than just a ‘thinker’ are the keys to enjoying life.  This is what Dave’s Days is potentially the start of.

This Is Me Driving Through France

Happy Days

So I should probably tell you about me, seen as you have found your way to the About Me page.  This is me with a ridiculously cheesy grin last year driving through the South of France.

After earning a degree in History and Politics and at the time of me finishing the course I realised although I was good at the subjects and they intrigued me, that it was certainly not going to be a career path for me to follow.  The economic climate at the time it would be fair to describe as S*** and finding work was difficult, especially when you did not know ‘what to do for the rest of your life’

I applied for numerous jobs including jobs in the Government, the NHS and Fire Service.  None of which were successful.  I got lucky shortly after this and ended up working for a small business in Manchester which had a retail shop, aswell as an e-commerce website and storefront/presence on eBay, Amazon and Play.

What started out as a role managing and updating the online marketing campaigns in the form of Google AdWords and eBay Adcommerce has evolved into a much deeper and complex career path.  Now working my way up to being jointly responsible for the eBay account, the website, Play, Amazon aswell as still managing successful online advertising and e-mail campaigns it has forged its way into a career path in e-commerce.

This is what the Blog will be about…days in the life of Dave (Hence the name) in  the world of e-commerce.  This is most likely to include the problems faced day-to-day, how to deal with common issues and just general rants that enter my head.  I am by no means an expert just trying to ‘learn as much as I can for as long as i can’ and if anyone reading can learn from my mistakes and successes then this will all be worthwhile.

– Dave Furness


2 Responses to About Dave

  1. Jill Aspin says:

    Hi Dave

    Thought I’d have a nosey at your blog. Tis very good so far. Ive just set my own up, linked from the main page of my website http://www.yorkcityholidaylets.co.uk. Any assistance would be helpful, as I’m not the most experienced blogger!! I’m swotting up on how to do it as we speak as it seems to be the way to go in webmarketing terms!! I’ve subscribed to your feed now too!!

    Hope the power is back on at work !!!


    • Dave Furness says:

      Hi Jill

      Hope all is well, and yes thankfully the power is back on but not after some interesting times yesterday, im sure you will hear all about the trials and tribulations of that soon enough. Nice Website! ive had a quick look at it and its all good 🙂 I was in york with the girlfriend not long ago, never been before and its a lovely place, shall definately be going again. Ahhh Blogs, im hardly an expert but ive been talking to a friend through work who has one and have been picking up tips and tricks as I go along. If you do want to ask any questions by all means do and if i dont know the answer il try and find out, or just give you my opinion. For whatever reason at the minute blogs are quite popular right now and people are happily turning to them for info, so from an SEO point of view are great for backlinks and web presence etc. Thanks for the sub!, il be sure to reciprocate.



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