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eBay or Amazon, Can You Use Both…YES YOU CAN

Most frequently asked questions If not then definitely one of the most frequent questions I get asked is “Which should I use, eBay or Amazon?” My answer is very often the same, “Why Dont You Use both?” As far as … Continue reading

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Struggling with E-commerce? – Help Is On The Way

The Problem For many, the world of e-commerce is not something that they embrace, it is just a growing necessity for most businesses.  It is not something that is taught properly within industry but instead you rely on the ‘web … Continue reading

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Mobile Commerce The Future But Killing Customer Loyalty

There used to be a time when a certain percentage of your sales could be attributed to repeat business, a trustworthy bunch of customers who knew you, knew your service, knew your product and would repay your service with their … Continue reading

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Bad Customer Service…Or Just Bad Customers?

Customer Service (Lack of?) Everyone these days seems to put a lot of emphasis on customer service (or lack of) and to an extent this is true.  However, I believe that this has been brought on by both staff and … Continue reading

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And F is for … Website, wait? what?

You know this already…but you may not know that you know it.  There is a strict path that 90% of people’s eyes follow when viewing a website.  If a website knows what this path is then it can appeal to … Continue reading

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