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Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Trying Something New

Doing something different or ‘risky’ is perhaps one of the most difficult things for someone to do.  It is however what separates many successful people from those who want to take the ‘safe’ route.  I have wrote a post before … Continue reading

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What Motivates You?

As I write this it is 08:25 in Florida, I am sat on a balcony overlooking a marina.  When I look to my right over the river I see ‘Millionaires Row’ where an empty plot of land will sell for … Continue reading

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Good E-book’s and Why You Should Write One

What Are E-books E-books in my opinion are fantastic little things and I have used plenty over the past few years to get up to speed on topics of which I previously had little or no knowledge.  For those of … Continue reading

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Is The Risk Worth The Reward…YES

Is It Worth The Risk? There are two sets of people in what I am going to talk about now. At the end, ask which type you are, and then ask, is it the type you want to be. Many … Continue reading

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The Fun Theory – How To Use It In Everyday Life

Whats Happened To Us? It’s quite simple psychology we enjoy doing things that we enjoy… self-explanatory.  So what changed?  When we were all younger and at school they would teach us things through playing games and doing experiments.  Or your … Continue reading

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Motivation and Inspiration

Motivation and Inspiration are both something that im sure everyone has felt or experienced at some point in their lives.  It is how we react to these thoughts and feelings which can greatly affect what we do and what happens … Continue reading

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