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Wordpress and Godaddy Don’t Mix

From the title you can probably guess where this post is going, however I want to make a few things clear at the beginning. Bear in mind this is My Blog and is only an account of my personal experiences.  … Continue reading

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Good E-book’s and Why You Should Write One

What Are E-books E-books in my opinion are fantastic little things and I have used plenty over the past few years to get up to speed on topics of which I previously had little or no knowledge.  For those of … Continue reading

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The Web User Experience And Making Sure It’s Right

The Importance Of Using Someone Elses Eyes Usability testing for those unfamiliar with the term is basically having a selection of people test how your website works, how easy it is to find certain pages and generally the browsing experience … Continue reading

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The E-commerce / eBay Generation

One Man’s Strength Is Another Man’s Weakness This is an interesting one…and its something that I take for granted nearly everyday.  This is simply how easy it is for people like me in my demographic to understand how the ever-changing … Continue reading

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Whats Should I Do About Taglines? Just Do It

What’s a Facebook or an Amazon do? For most small web businesses the Holy Grail of web presence is to have a recognisable Brand Name.  You know when you have successfully managed this as it is when people know what … Continue reading

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Excuse Me…Where Am I And Where Am I Going?

Treat Your Web Visitors like Supermarket Shoppers Have you ever wandered in to a shop you have never visited before and tried to find a particular something.  Your success in this search is down to the directions and signage available … Continue reading

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Bad Customer Service…Or Just Bad Customers?

Customer Service (Lack of?) Everyone these days seems to put a lot of emphasis on customer service (or lack of) and to an extent this is true.  However, I believe that this has been brought on by both staff and … Continue reading

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