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Struggling with E-commerce? – Help Is On The Way

The Problem For many, the world of e-commerce is not something that they embrace, it is just a growing necessity for most businesses.  It is not something that is taught properly within industry but instead you rely on the ‘web … Continue reading

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eBay Seller Release 2 and What It Means For You 2011

eBay have released the second update for 2011 and it looks like they have listened to the masses requests and are going to implement some good changes, as well as some not so good.  Lets start with the good.

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eBay Basics #1 Knowing Your Performance

How is your eBay performing? One of the first rules in Marketing is “If you cannot track or measure what you are spending money on, then stop doing it”  This can not only be applied to your marketing but to … Continue reading

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Latest eBay Announcements – Make The Most Of Them

eBay Latest Announcements This is something I think most people should know about and as such am writing this through my Dinner to get it out there ASAP.  I know lots of people who are guilty of not paying attention … Continue reading

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The E-commerce / eBay Generation

One Man’s Strength Is Another Man’s Weakness This is an interesting one…and its something that I take for granted nearly everyday.  This is simply how easy it is for people like me in my demographic to understand how the ever-changing … Continue reading

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Excuse Me…Where Am I And Where Am I Going?

Treat Your Web Visitors like Supermarket Shoppers Have you ever wandered in to a shop you have never visited before and tried to find a particular something.  Your success in this search is down to the directions and signage available … Continue reading

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Motivation and Inspiration

Motivation and Inspiration are both something that im sure everyone has felt or experienced at some point in their lives.  It is how we react to these thoughts and feelings which can greatly affect what we do and what happens … Continue reading

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