It’s been too quiet here recently…Sorry

This is a quick update post really, letting you know yes I am still here and No I haven’t stopped writing the posts.  It’s been another hectic past few weeks which has meant I havent been able to write much but I do hope to try to rectify this along the course of this week.


It's gone quiet around these parts...I will be fixing that 😉

The posts coming up should be interesting and I’m hoping a lot of you will find them interesting, the next one should be about running reports on your eBay account and how best you can use this data to your advantage.  There is also going to be ones about ebooks coming shortly which again I hope to have a few examples for along with an explanation as to what they are and how you can use them.

As always if there are any suggestions about posts or you want my opinion on anything just leave me a comment or send me a message and if I can write one I will, I’m sure most from reading the blog by now you will have a good idea about my areas of knowledge.

See you soon

GA, GE and GN



About Dave Furness

I am a fun loving guy who enjoys his job and is driven to succeed. I currently manage a couple of blogs, one for electrical-deals and another personal one documenting my advice, tips, tricks and pitfalls of web design and e-commerce.
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