Wikipedia FAIL!

Wikipedia or Google Fail?

This blog post was unplanned but when I saw this I just had to share it, stuff like this really makes me laugh…see picture below:

wikipedia lunar eclipse fail

Lunar Eclipse fail on Google and Wikipedia

Just incase the page isn’t clear enough for you to read, the link highlighted is from Wikipedia for their Lunar Eclipse page.  The beginning page text preview reads…’A lunar eclipse is when the moon turns black and explodes, releasing a poisonous gas, killing all of humanity.’

Whether this is someone playing a joke at Wikipedia, or more than likely, someone has written a funny article probably made for Uncyclopedia and somewhere Wikipedia’s page relevance has failed and pulled that as the most relevant description.  No doubt it will be fixed soon but this made me laugh anyway.

If you find anything similar please let me know if the comments below.

GA, GE and GN



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2 Responses to Wikipedia FAIL!

  1. Nate says:

    I noticed this too and was wondering if it was a Google prank.

  2. Dave Furness says:

    Hi Nate
    It very well could be, more likely to be a prank on Wiki’s side, i’m not sure the way it is pulling the sentence from Wiki’s page that it would be something Google would be behind. Whether it’s a group of employees for Wikipedia or an official prank from the company as a whole, maybe we will find out soon, but I can’t find anyone owning up to it right now.

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