Google Search Auto ‘Guess’ ?

Google Auto Suggest Has A Sense Of Humour

I’m sure everyone has had some experience with Google’s Auto-suggest  feature and although the algorithm must be very clever and is highly accurate most of the time, I sometimes can’t help but laugh out loud at some of the suggestions it throws up.

So I thought id do some tests this afternoon and publish any funny results here with a highlight on my favourite suggestion.  I know I could have just scoured the internet and stolen pics from the web but a lot of photoshopping of these going on so I wanted to make sure the ones I posted were genuine.

If anyone has any of their favourites they want to share then leave a link in the comments below, if there is enough then I will paste the best ones in a separate post…Enjoy

GA, GE and GN



About Dave Furness

I am a fun loving guy who enjoys his job and is driven to succeed. I currently manage a couple of blogs, one for electrical-deals and another personal one documenting my advice, tips, tricks and pitfalls of web design and e-commerce.
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2 Responses to Google Search Auto ‘Guess’ ?

  1. \/LOL\/ – “Are dolphins gay sharks”

    Try searching for “you are a ” and whats with the pirate?


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